The Age of Automation

No developments in recent history have so dramatically reshaped our lives than harnessing and bringing every facet of life into the palm of our hands, via the smartphone.  Being able to monitor and control your pool equipment from your computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone is part of that revolution.  The leading pool equipment manufacturers have introduced new and exciting innovations that allow pool owners to fully program and automate their pools, spas, lights, waterfalls, and a host of other backyard features, all from their handheld devices or from voice-activated smart home devices like the Alexa Echo.  These automation products range from simple and inexpensive controllers to complex systems that integrate with whole home automation.  We can guide you through the maze of choices to select what best suits your particular situation.  Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll get you started today.

Chemical Testing and Analysis

The science behind a healthy pool (pool filtration and sanitation/disinfection) means understanding the various chemicals and compounds in your pool water, and getting – and keeping – them in the right balance for a clear, clean and safe swimming experience.  The first step is testing the water for all the critical compounds, and then making the necessary adjustments to achieve and maintain the right levels of each.  Our state-of-the-art testing equipment can run those tests, right at your pool or spa, and get you the results on the spot.  With that information, we can recommend the right products and dosages to use, and we can also talk to you about equipment that can sample and dose chemicals into the water automatically once the water quality is adjusted properly.

Design and Construction Assistance

Most reputable pool and landscape contractors are very well versed in the core elements of building pools, but not nearly so familiar with the numerous permitting, zoning, land development, storm-water management and code requirements associated with pool and spa construction.  How do you know whether these concerns are being properly addressed?  Are the services you are contracting for everything you need? If not, who fills in the “gaps”, how long will it take those missing pieces worked out, and how much will it cost?

To avoid these mid-stream hiccups, it’s crucial that you get everything correctly lined up at the start.  We can help with that.  Starting with a review of your plans and design objective, we can identify the key components of the project, examine the regulatory requirements and those tasks that need to be completed, and check the contracts to make sure you are covered in all respects, from the selection of equipment to the finishes in and around your pool.  From there, we can oversee the construction to confirm you are getting what you bargained for.  It’s entirely up to you: we will do as much, or as little, as you need and want us to.  To find out more about this service and pricing, email or call us.

Pool Technology Specialists